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Emperor Ioder Algios Heurassein
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13th-Jan-2012 12:58 am - | First Decree | : Video
[A fairly unassuming looking White Pawn Chessmon is in view when the feed starts up, but after a second he moves his large head away, showing a young boy no older than 19 with blonde hair and bright blue green eyes lying on a bedroll on the ground of a cave. Near by a green jacket, a white kravat and brown vesta are folded up in a neat pile, but even the clothes that he still has on look rather fancy. He looks a bit feverish and tired, too.]

So... other people can see me through that?


Fascinating... [he manages a smile and waves at it, looking a bit silly but at least in good spirits] What are you doing with it?

Trying to get a message out, so clam up a bit, would you?

[the teen chuckles, but it goes immediately in to a harsh cough, which the Pawn Chessmon takes as the cue to get to talking]

Right, so, my tamer, Ioder, got dropped right in the middle of the Poyi Mountains. Great, right? He’s about ready to cough up one of those squishy human lungs, so the sooner some one can get up here and haul him down to civilization, the better.

You don’t have to be that demanding with them, do you?

[Pawn Chessmon wheels around to stare at the boy.]

You’re the one who sounds like crap! Don’t gimmie any of that ‘ask nicely’ bull!

Yes, but--

[any argument is cut off by another fit of coughing, this one not seeming to stop like the others.]

… hey. Hey, come on, stop that! You--

[it only sounds like it’s getting worse, and poor Ioder seems like it’s very painful for him. It obviously worries his partner because all at once the comm is dropped, and the feed cuts out abruptly.]
knocked down
28th-Dec-2011 01:49 am - Vatheon | App
[ Player Name ] : Jeni
[ Personal LJ ] : jenioctavia
[ Age ] : 27
[ Timezone ] : PST
[ Other Characters ] : None

[ Character's Name ] : Emperor Ioder Algios Heurassein
[ Character's Age ] : 18
[ Series ] : Tales of Vesperia
[ Canon Point ] : Post-Game

History ectCollapse )

tea and politics
12th-Sep-2011 01:25 am - .App. .Digital Dive.
Name- JeniOctavia

LJ- jenioctavia

Email address- jenioctavia @ gmail dot com

AIM/MSN/YIM (optional)- jenioctavia | AIM

Character, series- Emperor Ioder Algios Heurassein, Tales of Vesperia

Character journal- imperialtroll

Character type- Minor

Digimon partner- PawnChessmon White > KnightChessmon White > BishopChessmon White > KingChessmon White

D-Comm colours/symbol-

Imported from another RP?- n/a

Character appearance-
(the blonde, obviously)

Character age- 18

History ectCollapse )
thoughtful aside
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